What You Need To Know About Banding Hemorrhoids

Piles also known as hemorrhoids have become terrified things for many modern people. Because the occurrence of piles can distract you from your day to day activities, resulting in a low self esteem and low productivity.

There is another treatment that is carried out with mango seeds. Many naturopaths use this kind of remedy. In this process, seed are first dehydrated and then they are crushed to power after that the powder is stored for later use. It should be noted that the naturopaths suggests 1 and half grams twice a day. You can also utilize honey with if you feel its need. This is the most accepted and successful way of dealing piles.

If you wish to cure piles naturally and completely, you can start taking the juice of bitter gourd. This is said to be very effective in getting rid of piles. You can take this leaf juice along with a glass of buttermilk that can be taken every day in the morning. Patients who suffer from chronic piles are also known to benefit a lot from regular consumption of this fruit. Ginger is another wonderful remedy of piles. Patients who are looking for homely hemorrhoids treatment will just need half a spoon of ginger juice, along with one spoon of mint juice, some honey and fresh mint juice - which if taken for prolonged period has the effective of curing piles permanently. Though, the results are known to differ from person to person - you can be assured of getting some amount of benefit.

Constipation is most the most leading factor in the formation of piles and hemorrhoids. You should actually not get constipated at any cost. Constipation worsens the case of piles and hemorrhoids. One of the ways to address this is to prepare and consume any herbal bowel regulator.

You must first make sure you are taking proper care of the affected area before you begin using a natural cure for piles. It is important to take a bath or shower at least once a day to keep the affected area clean. According to Mayo Clinic, you should not cleanse this part of your body with soap because that can make the symptoms worse.

Spicy hot foods can really make your external piles flare up. There is a saying " Hot & spicy food burns twice, 1st when you eat it and the the 2nd time when you go to the bath room the next day ". Since external piles are located in the anus, anything that causes discomfort to the anus, will also effect your external piles. So if you are suffering from external hemorrhoids, you might do your self the favor & avoid spicy hot food for some time.

Another natural cure for piles is to apply ice on the skin which helps in contracting blood vessels. When the blood vessels narrow they stop the swelling thereby relieving the pain. Eating radish with black salt is very effective method. Consuming bananas are also considered good. It is also good to include fresh fruits and vegetables as a part of our diet. Juice extracted from ginger when mixed with lime juice, honey form read more a good natural medicine to cure piles. You can cure piles with certain medications as prescribed by the doctor. These home made products to cure piles are effective and safe to use.

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